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Buck Ridge Soap Company

One Pound Shredded Scrap Soap

One Pound Shredded Scrap Soap

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One Pound Shredded Scrap Soap bags are great for rebatching or for eco-minded folks who like to create their own laundry soap or liquid soaps or use the more convenient shreds for rebatching. They cost a little more due to us doing the shredding for you. 

These are mixed soaps, they will have a mix of scents and colors. Would be great for a natural earthy 'confetti' soap. 

Each bag is filled with 1 pound of our all natural handmade soap shreds. Please note these shreds may be quite dry as they are made from clearance and scrap soaps so may need extra water added when rebatching. Click here for instructions on how to rebatch soap. 

Some may like to use as a potpourri, putting shreds in a sachet and tossing in a drawer. There might be other uses as well for creative minds. The most common use is for folks making their own laundry soaps and liquid soaps. 

Our soap is handmade in USA, this product is the exact soaps we sell just the scraps and mistakes that aren't retail friendly. 

Each pound comes in a bag or pouch with a zipper closure.

Not all soaps in the bags will be vegan, sometimes it is a mix. The bags are mixed and contain a number of scents and colors. 

(Supplies are limited and we only sell these as long as we have scraps available.)

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