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Buck Ridge Soap Company

One Pound Cold Processed Scrap Soap

One Pound Cold Processed Scrap Soap

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One Pound Cold Processed Scrap Soap bags are great for rebatching or for eco-minded folks who like to use small soap slivers and pieces in their soap saver bags

Each bag is filled with 1 pound of our all natural handmade soap pieces, these are generally end pieces after cutting a full loaf or 'whoopsies' where we cut wrong or the soap didn't quite come out as pretty as we'd like and it wasn't suitable for sale in our shop. Usually we can share these a samples to customers but sometimes we have just too much and needed to find a way to offer these soaps to our customers. 

Normally 4 bars of our soap equals 1 pound of soap, at our retail price that would be $31.80 but since these are slivers/ends/ugly/poorly cut bars you are getting a pound of soap for just a dollar more than a single retail bar of soap! Think of it as scratch and dent or 'clearance' soap. 

We would rebatch ourselves but we spend too much time making soaps that are retail ready for us to do rebatching in house so if you are an at home soap maker who wants to rebatch these pieces are great for that.  Click here for instructions on how to rebatch soap. 

Crafters may have other ideas of what to use these scraps for, I've seen people use them as a sort of potpourri before, putting pieces in a sachet and tossing in a drawer for example. There might be other uses as well for creative minds. 

All of these soaps are handmade in USA, they are the exact soaps we sell just the scraps and mistakes that aren't retail friendly. 

Each pound comes in a black foil pouch with a zipper closure so they stay fresh and don't dry out/crack if you don't use them right away. 

Not all soaps in the bags will be vegan, sometimes it is a mix. The bags are mixed and contain a number of scents and colors. 

(Supplies are limited and we only sell these as long as we have scraps available.)

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