If your softball team, dance team, school or civic group are looking for t-shirts for events or to resell as a fundraiser we can do that! 

If you order a minimum of 25 t-shirts we offer discounts off our regular prices.

You will want to contact us for an exact quote based on the color t-shirts you want and how many colors in the design. 

Just one of our regular tees costs $18.95 but when you order a minimum of 25-30 t-shirts with a 1 color front only design, the cost is $25 set up fee which includes a flat rate shipping amount plus $6.98 each. 

This example pricing is for a 1 color print on a color shirt. White shirts save .60 cents each.

Quantity Each Total + $25 set up with shipping included
25 $6.98 $199.50
30 $6.98 $234.40
44 $6.69 $31936
90 $6.03 $567.70


You can sell your custom tees for fundraising - set your price either match our normal price of $18.95 or you can sell them for as much as $24.95 to get the best bang for your buck for your group!

Usually for fundraising people are willing to pay just a bit more for a tee than they would just shopping for a graphic t-shirt for everyday wear. When it is for a cause, people generally don't mind forking over up to $5 extra for a tee. Keep that in mind when your group prices tees for reselling. 

Just contact us to learn more about bulk screen print orders and get a free quote. 

Team Shirts

If you are just ordering them for the city softball league, $7 per shirt is not too expensive for most families to spend for a "uniform". However, if your team is in an economically depressed area and players are at or below poverty level on average then the fundraising route for your groups tees might be best. This route will mean the children don't have to pay for their uniform shirts the community does.

In cases like this, we will help you by providing you with mock up images of people wearing the t-shirt design your team wants to use and send you the digital files with a price sheet for your customers to order on.

We are a small buisness and can't at this time offer t-shirts for free for these situations but we will do what we can to help you fundraise for them! 

Shipping and Set Up

Since our shipping is a flat rate added in as part of your set up fee, which also covers our time setting up your design to be printed you save. 

Use the form below for a free quote!