We love artists here at South of Memphis and we know that sometimes you want to get your designs or creations out there in the world but you aren't in a position to start your own eCommerce site or you aren't really *that* kind of artist, i.e. digital.

Maybe you're a sculptor or a fiber artist or photographer and yes, you want to do a t-shirt to promote your work or get some photos printed on canvas or posters or even framed prints but you don't want to make a huge investment and you don't have time to promote a specific few products when you have your portfolio to get into galleries and that is your first priority. 

We get it. Our owner is an artist too and it took her 23 years to start this business because life (and a regular paycheck) got in the way of making or promoting her art. So she gets what issues artists are faced with. Just being an artist is expensive. The materials alone, if you aren't using found objects are very expensive. 

A photographer may take some prints to a frame shop but whoa, talk about sticker shock. You could always make your own frames or buy cheap ones from a discount store and make your own mats. Mats and a nice mat cutter is pretty expensive too when you are on a shoestring budget. Some of us are talented enough to cut mats with just an exacto knife and a ruler...but not all of us are that steady handed. 

Sure you could go to any of the print houses that offer fairly cheap services to get your art on a plethora of objects and frankly we use a few services ourselves because we don't own all the equipment...yet. But do you have the time to do it? To research the cheapest and best quality printers? Do you have the time to set up a website? Pay the monthly fees, build the site, promote it, set up a Google Adwords account and every piece of social media you can get your hands on?

Sure you could go the DIY route, we've done it too in the past. And we didn't earn much doing it that way. There is just way too much competition out there. Now we aren't promising you thousands or even hundreds of dollars because we aren't a clearing house for print shops, but we are willing to give you a way to get your art on things like t-shirts, shoes, mounted canvas, posters and framed prints. Maybe even laptop skins or iPhone cases...we can do that and sell them in our store. 

We'll pay a small reasonable fee to you...wait I don't pay you? Nope. We pay you an initial fee of $25 for the right to use your artwork. Nope it isn't a lot but it is something. You provide the artwork to us in a digital file that we can use. We'll give you details when you request the service. Then we give you 15% of every sale your product generates. Visit our contact page and let us know you wish to sign up as an artist. 

So you aren't starting a business, or a website or a print on demand service site, your just getting some promotion and the opportunity to have your artwork be seen along side other licensed products. Maybe you will get your comic book cover or character art next to DC and Marvel licensed products for example. People will be browsing our site for these products anyway and what if your art caught their eye? Better than not making anything at all and you didn't have to do the work to get it on the site. 

We do recommend that you share your products on our site with your Facebook fans and Twitter followers and so on so you can generate sales but the amount of work you want to put in is totally up to you.

We are also working on an option where if you need a quantity of your design printed then we can provide you with a quantity discount. We are still working out what the discount and pricing will be across multiple products and hope to have that information here soon!