Collection: Handmade Natural Soap

Buck that Funk all over your body with our Buck Ridge handmade natural soaps. Our bar soaps are made using traditional cold processed soap making techniques that have been in use for literally thousands of years. The first recorded bar of soap was made in ancient Babylon in 2800 BC. So if you feel like you have the funk of a thousand years, you're in good hands with Buck Ridge Soap Company! 

Each of our natural soaps are made in the USA and entirely handmade thus meaning sometimes our products are 'imperfect'. The weight may vary slightly from bar-to-bar, and the outer edges are natural since we believe in zero waste and don't trim the soap bars. Each natural bar soap starts it's life in a loaf and then sliced by hand one bar at a time. No fancy automated cutting machine so one bar might look slightly different from it's brothers even from the same loaf. There is no automated equipment used, not even in the packaging of our soaps. Just a pair of hands, mixing, pouring, cutting and packaging each bar.

Our soap base starts with a completely vegan non-GMO base of renewable and sustainable plant based oils and butters. The only non-vegan varieties may contain such things as locally sourced (Arkansas River Valley area) family farm produced goats milk, beeswax or honey. All of our essential oils, plant extracts and fragrance oils are paraben and phthalate free and are from US manufacturers.