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  • Korean Pop Music Tees

    0 comments / Posted on by Tammie McClure

    I have a friend who is seriously into K-Pop music, or Korean Pop music which are boy bands and girl bands from South Korea. I have little knowledge of them myself, but my friend Tim is very into these groups and had a very hard time finding US size t-shirts for the bands.

    He came to me about finding a line of these tees and helped me with product descriptions since I have absolutely no clue myself about these groups. I don’t even care for American pop music, I’m more of a rocker girl than pop so I needed Tim’s help with this line of products.

    He says that he has a ton of friends who are into KPOP music so we set up a whole category for these boy and girl bands. They do have fun logos though! Even if you aren’t even into their music the logos themselves are interesting and very creative. So I had a lot of fun getting these tees set up on the site just based on the graphics.

    So check them out, and if they are groups you are into, the sizes range from U.S. small to 5x!

    Oh, and yeah, Tim’s already bought some of them and is very happy with his purchases!

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