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Selling clothing that is made or at least printed in USA is hard because everyone wants to buy things cheap. Many shoppers are always looking for the best deal. The problem is, sometimes the best deal we can offer is what we are already offering. You see, imported clothing made overseas is killing us on price. You just can’t compete when it costs *you* $10 to produce a shirt and they can produce it for $7. It really hurts U.S. vendors and retailers.

Even if we use t-shirts made by say Gildan which are made in another country, we still have shipping/freight from their country to add into the costs of the shirts. Then the printing costs are based on U.S. rates for employee time, licenses in some cases, ink and incidentals like electricity and things like that which are part of the overall mark up on products.  

Then there are the t-shirts which are made in USA to begin with. They are MUCH more expensive blanks. When you compare a Canvas brand tee Made in USA or an American Apparel brand tee Made in USA against a Gildan, Hanes or Canvas brand made elsewhere in the world the USA made products are several dollars not just cents more expensive. You might say, well the quality is better. Not necessarily. Gildan, Hanes and Canvas all make very good quality t-shirts, so you can’t claim quality as a factor.

Another issue is licensing and “bootleg” t-shirts. When you buy say a DC Comics t-shirt from China, that was printed in China there is a really good chance that shirt was never officially licensed. It may look exactly like our licensed t-shirts though, so you THINK it is but it is just a really, really awesome rip off. This hurts retailers who sell nothing but a certain style/type of product line which is legally and officially licensed. We pay for those licenses…those importers often don’t.

All of this influences the cost of our products, all of this makes us a little more expensive, aside from the fact that we are a small business and don’t have the buying power of Wal-Mart, Target or Kohl’s where you can get similar products to ours.

The only thing we can do is try to be as unique as possible with our designs. Even then our own original designs sometimes get ripped off by Chinese factories.

So, please don’t balk at the $18.95 price tag. That isn’t that expensive, we are actually only make a few dollars in profit per shirt. Our shipping is only $3 for a single shirt order and if you get a coupon code which we give out like candy then you don’t really pay shipping anyway. So if nothing else persuades you besides price then join our mail list, we’ll give you coupon codes. Join our referral program and share your link on your Facebook or Twitter with your friends and earn free t-shirts when your friends buy.

Want a discount? Email us, we’ll give you one! Seriously. If price is what drives you to buy, then we’ll do what we can within reason to earn your purchase.

American small business is suffering from all the imports from China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan because we can’t always beat their prices. So if you really are wanting to help your fellow American, then buy from a small American owned business.


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