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Most of South of Memphis products are fulfilled on demand, meaning you order and we print it. We don't carry much "stock" other than to make and ship. We did however recently get a good deal on some actual product that we are adding to the store. 

Jewelry, which is something that will "keep" for a long time so we didn't have to worry about fabric fading and so on. So we purchased a small amount just to see how it sells. 

We did purchase some hats though, baseball caps more specifically and my mindset on those is if I can't sell them in a reasonable timeframe, I have tons of family and friends who would like them as gifts. So that small inventory purchase shouldn't hurt anything either. 

Only one set of products will I have to worry about but they were so darned cute I couldn't pass them up for the price. They are little baby girl onesies with attached tutu skirts and headbands for Superman and Batman. They'd be great for Halloween or just anytime your little super girl or bat girl wants to play. 

So here's hoping I can sell them before they fade or fall apart from age! haha

Both outfits are available in sizes from 3 months to 2T and will be priced at a very good price for what you get. I really hope people love them as much as I do. They really are cute!


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