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Studies by Forbes, Robert Half Agency and others have stated that a good sense of humor is good for business.

Think about the best TV commercials that you remember. It is the funny ones you remember isn’t it?

Humor or rather laughter is one of the best human emotions and releases tension. Laughter truly is the best medicine. I know from experience. 

One of the most terrifying and scary times of my life was when I had my son. He was a premie and I was very sick and almost died. It was scary and sad and painful but those fears and thoughts are not what I remember most. I certainly don’t remember much of the pain either but I was on the good drugs. However, I do remember my father making me laugh. I had a c-section so laughing was painful but I couldn’t help myself. There I was, clutching a pillow across my stomach and trying not to laugh too hard and begging him, “Stop, it hurts to laugh,” yet I couldn’t stop myself from it. And even now, I’m laughing a little as I think back on it. He hadn’t even meant to make me laugh but it was cathartic after all that fear from several days in the hospital and after a scary pre-mature birth.

That laughter did more to heal my soul than any of the drugs they had given me.

Laughter is important and not taking yourself too seriously means you are open to laughing at your own mistakes. None of us are perfect beings but finding the humor in even the direst of situations can really help get you through.

So some of my favorite products we carry are our humor tees and character mashup tees which are two characters blended together. Like a Minion dressed as Deadpool or Mickey Mouse wearing Darth Vader’s mask or a tee that says something sarcastic or ironic.

Humor is universal, it is a language understood by all no matter your culture or language. A smile or even an eye roll at a very bad pun is understood by all.

So, don’t be afraid to lighten up a little bit. It is good for your body because laughter releases good chemicals in your brain that helps to relax you and provides an overall sense of wellbeing. It is good for your mind because it takes your mind off your troubles if only for a little while. It is good for your heart because it causes blood to flow better throughout your body by opening your blood vessels more with the ramp up of those good chemicals.

Have you ever just felt exhausted after laughing really hard? Like the tears running down your face, stomach aches from laughing so hard? That laughter reduces your stress levels and relaxes you. So remember to keep your sense of humor about things. Life is tough enough to get through, don’t deny yourself laughter. Even on your worst days there can always be something to laugh about.

I remember a dear friend’s funeral back in 1992, I had known him since kindergarten and he treated me like a little sister. He was my cousin’s best friend growing up and he and my cousin were several years older, but they tolerated me hanging around. This dear friend was home on military leave and died on July 4, 1992 in a freak motorcycle accident caused by a horrible thunderstorm.

When my husband and I attended his funeral we were toward the back of the crowd. My cousins were nearby and three singers got up to sing a song before the preacher was to deliver the eulogy. We were outside under a large tent to keep the July sun off of us. One of the singers was blind. When they came back to their seats, one of the women singers led and blind man directly into a pole that held up the tent. It made his horrible ringing sound when his head connected smack into it. We found ourselves trying not to laugh. I mean, it is bad form to laugh during a funeral but sheesh what can you do? And then my cousin just could not hold it in anymore and cackles a laugh out which caused us to bite our lips to try not to laugh. Then she said softly to us, “Pelham would have laughed his ass off at that.”  That caused the rest of us on those last several rows to start to giggle and then really laugh. Then the entire crowd was laughing including the poor blind man. That blind singer didn’t take himself too seriously and had laughed right along with the rest of us. He got it, we weren’t laughing at him we were laughing at the situation.

So instead of everyone being so sad and heartbroken at the life of a young Marine home on leave, taken so young in a freak accident, we were celebrating the life of a man who had touched our hearts. Although Pelham was young, he had been an important part of a lot of people’s lives. It was a tragedy to lose someone so dear with so much life ahead of him but we knew somewhere, Pelham was laughing too.

Not taking yourself or life too seriously is a good thing.



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