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South of Memphis used to be a side gig but as of January 15, 2018 it will be my main job and my old job as graphic artist and marketing manager for a national flag company is now my part time gig. We found a great lady (Hi, Liz!) to take my place 4 days a week and I’ll be in the office every Tuesday there and work from my South of Memphis office the rest of the time, so I can focus more on growing the business.

Funny how things turn out but my boss, Kerry McCoy, a woman who built her business with just $400 more than 40 years ago, is very proactive and supportive of her employee’s striking out on their own and following their dreams. She’s more than my boss, she is a mentor and a friend.

You don’t find many business owners like Kerry, you can check out more about her at www.flagandbanner.com click on the Radio Show button and see how she helps other entrepreneur’s share their stories or visit her blog www.bannerisms.com. She truly wants to help people grow and share their success with others.

As for me, I am focusing this year on growing South of Memphis to carry more than just t-shirts, I’ve been adding some rather interesting products to the site for my fellow nerds, geeks, wonks and super fans. My collection of video game tees has grown by leaps and bounds this last month for example plus many new movie and tv show tees from new licensing agreements. 

I will also be working on new exclusive designs, plus sourcing out interesting and different products to give the person who has everything something they don’t have!

So, here is to the new year and I look forward to sharing the journey with you this year.

Everyone who has ever bought anything from South of Memphis, here or on my Etsy or Bonanza shops, thank you! You are empowering small businesses (and a fellow person’s dream) when you shop stores like South of Memphis rather than the big dogs like Walmart, Target, Hot Topic and Amazon.


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