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It should surprise me but I've become accustomed to the economic slow down shortly before Presidential election day. In several of my jobs over the years in retail especially I've noticed how the economy slows in the last weeks before election day and for a few weeks after. It becomes a time of uncertainty for buyers though should it be? It isn't as if the new President even takes office until January after all. 

It isn't a revolution it is just basically a changing of the guard. Well, maybe this year could be revolutionary depending on who wins either way it will be different for America. The first female President in history or the first non-poliitician to win the Presidency in even my parents lifetimes. Either way, this doesn't mean the economy or life should stop and hold its breath. America will continue as always no matter who wins. So why the sudden slow down? Human nature I suppose. We all fear change even minor ones to some degree. 

I talk about this because I am not only owner of South of Memphis but also work with a couple of other businesses and also have friends who are business owners. We have all experienced a slow down this month in orders and new projects if we mostly sell within the US. Now the business my husband works for has a global sales presence and it is overwhelmed with orders at the moment but not as many domestic as foreign. So they are doing great and that tells me that the U.S. election cycle is what is truly affecting the downturn in the smaller and local businesses I know.

Hopefully with the Christmas season coming up this will change in November but October is looking to be a slim month for many small US businesses.

Just keep plugging at it though, it'll swing back around. It always does. 



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