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Trying to offer everything you can to your customers is costly and hard to do but if a customer has a good experience with you, they might come back. Customer retention in this fast paced world is hard to achieve, especially when competing against Amazon for example.

The thing is, every little “extra” costs something. $5 a month here, $15 a month there, $20 a month for this great app. These add up on top of your hosting charges and maintenance contracts and advertising.

The reason I use Shopify is because it is so user friendly and has these add on apps that make you look just as good if not better than the big dogs like Amazon. You might add a related product app that helps you customize your related products rather than the computer try to guess based on tags and keywords. This is one I'm hoping to add once we start generating more regular orders. Along with several other apps that will make both customer's lives easier and my own. 

An al la carte shipping app is another on the wish list. One that lets you charge different rates for different things based on product not just weight. I have some custom made handbags that weigh about the same as some larger size sweatshirts but the problem is the handbags need a little more packaging. This costs a little more. Thus I need to buffer the weight or…have a separate options for their shipping alone.

So, we small business owners get nickel and dimed to death but…it is worth it in the long run to have these additional options. It can help customers find what they want and can help us manage orders easier and avoid losing money on shipping that isn't quite perfectly figured. 

My goal is to make South of Memphis the place to come to for gifts for friends and family but also gifts for yourself. A fun t-shirt that gets laughs and attention any time you wear it or a key ring featuring your favorite super hero. Something a little special to YOU, that doesn't break the bank and makes your life a little more fun. 

Life can be difficult enough, having fun with life is the important part. 


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