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Finding the right size t-shirt is almost always a nightmare of measuring and trying to figure out just what size you need. Then the chart doesn't actually match up to the product you receive. We know what it is like. If you order a large it might fit like a medium or a large might fit like an extra large. WTF? 

We try our best to list when our tees have size up or down issues like that but we can't always catch all of them because sometimes a manufacturer doesn't tell us they switched brands for a run of shirts because they got a good deal or something. 

You can view our size charts on this page. Though be sure and check descriptions on Junior Ladies size tees. They will be on the page description because those tees run ridiculously small. Seriously a 2X in our Junior Ladies (Bella brand tees) is a size Medium in a unisex Gildan brand tee. 

We spent hours trying to figure out what sizes to list in our size charts and we were literally buried under dozens of brochures and online size charts and practically none of them were the same! 

If it is that hard for us, we thought wow, imagine what our customers feel? 

So we decided that, even though it will cost us money, we had to offer customers something in the case of goofy sizing issues. 

The result was, if we list the size discrepancies clearly on the product description and you failed to read it or failed to follow it then if you return the item it should be on your dime. After all it was your mistake. You can see a description here with the size chart in the product description area. But if we don't list the size discrepancies in the description then we will pay for the return. It is the only fair thing we could think of. This policy could change in the future however depending on our company growth. 

The main reason is because most of our shirts are print on demand so we don't carry inventory that sits around gathering dust. So in the event of returns, we have to try to sell that item in that specific size and if we can't, after a few months we have to mark it down and lose possible profits. Since our mark up on most shirts isn't as high as other stores, that means we take a loss because of the return shipping and the new shirt we had to replace it with. There is no profit at all unless we can sell the returned item.

You can read more about our return policy here.

If we cannot sell it quickly then it becomes taxable inventory and we may have to deeply discount it just to get it out of our warehouse. So, returns like this become a loose, loose situation for us and could potentially mean driving up our prices for you, our customers. We don't want to do that. So for now, this was the best solution we could think of. 


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