Why the name South of Memphis?

Why the name South of Memphis?

The easy answer to the question as to why we named our store South of Memphis is that we are technically, south of Memphis, Tennessee.

The longer answer would be that while driving to her full time day job, our company owner was trying to think of a catchy name for the store. She'd kicked around several ideas, one was Artful Tees which we are using for our house brand of designed t-shirts now, but she wasn't sure she wanted the business name to just be about t-shirts.

We are starting with tees but as you can tell from our slogan Art to wear, for your gear and for your home means we want to carry and create much more than just t-shirts. So she wanted a store name that could be more flexible.

As she drove into Little Rock where she works, (at least until she can retire or South of Memphis is making enough to be feasible to quit her "day job") she saw the sign with information for going north east to Memphis. There a name was born. She looked it up to see if the domain was available and lo and behold it was. 

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